• volts                                           12
  • maximum dc amps                    40
  • ac input                                     120
  • hz                                               50 / 60
  • number of dc outputs          3
  • floating voltage                 13.5
  • ​WEIGHT (Shipped)*                 35 LB
  • dimensions (inches)
  • length                                       16.5
  • width                                             9
  • depth                                             8

*Shipped weight includes weight of all packing material to help better estimate shipping costs.

   The model FS 1240 ACD3 is a 12 volt 40 amp marine battery charger. It has 3 outputs that each charge different battery types independently from the other outputs. Each output can maintain battery banks of either lead-acid, gel or AGM. This machine is a good choice if you are trying to maintain medium size battery banks.

   Keep in mind that battery charger amp ratings are telling you the maximum amount of amps going back into your batteries in an hour. The more you take out of your battery banks the longer it will take to recharge. If you are pulling more out of the batteries then you are putting in there will be a loss in battery voltage which means you may need to consider a higher amp machine.

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FS 1240 ACD3