• volts                                           36
  • maximum dc amps                    40
  • ac input                                     120
  • hz                                               50 / 60
  • number of dc outputs          1
  • floating voltage                  40.5
  • ​WEIGHT (Shipped)*                  35 LB
  • dimensions (inches)
  • length                                        16.5
  • width                                              9
  • depth                                              8

​*Shipped weight includes weight of all packing material to help better estimate shipping costs.

   The model FS 3640 A is a 36 volt 40 amp marine battery charger. It has 1 output that can charge different battery types. Maintaining a battery bank of either lead-acid, gel or AGM. This machine is a good choice if you are maintaining a battery bank for an electric boat. It has a timed circuit to keep plugs and outlets from being damaged from arcing when an electric boat is plugged into shore power. This is an important feature that not all 36 volt chargers have. Many are sold for use on golf carts which are always plugged into AC and don't require this protection circuit. Always make sure that the battery charger that you are using on an electric boat has this feature.



FS 3640 A

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